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I V & Shot Therapy

by Appointment Only 

(subject to availability)

Whether you are starting to feel under the weather, have spent the day outside or hiking your favorite trail, or simply want to maintain healthy levels of vitamins and nutrients, IV hydration and Shot therapy is for you! 


Don't know what you need? No problem! We will chat about you, your lifestyle, any chronic conditions, and your wellness goals to find the perfect package and plan for your needs! You will benefit no matter what! 


From B-12's ability to support proper immunity, create energy, and nervous system support, to the best seller Myer's cocktail; a blend of vitamins & antioxidants to help you kick symptoms from anything nagging your body.

EX: hungover, feeling under the weather, dehydration, fatigued, or suffering from a chronic illness

There is something to help everyone! 


Have questions or want to set up an appointment? Click below!


NOTE: Some medications require Doctor's Orders, Protocols Must Be Met, Contracted by Lonestar IV Medics

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